Meet the Team

  VTCT Management Team  
  Alan Woods Chief Executive
  Ashley Barnes Chief Academic Officer 
  Daniel Underwood Chief Financial Officer
  Carina Fagan Head of Qualifications and Assessment
  Alan Harris Marketing Manager
  Ray Howell Customer Support Manager
  Runa McNamara National Business Development Manager
  Gary Mitchell External Quality Assurance Manager
  Pam Praine Human Resources Manager 


Professor Chris Laws Chairman of the Trustees
Stephanie Barnett Trustee
Stephen Dennison Trustee
  Julian Glicher Trustee
Tony Lau-Walker CBE Trustee
Jenny Sworder Trustee
Barbara Mitchell Trustee
Laraine Morris Trustee
Isabel Sutcliffe Trustee


  Specialist Leads  
Debra Morris Qualification Lead (Health & Beauty)
Mary Mussell Qualification Lead (Hairdressing & Barbering)
Debbie Lawrence Qualification Lead (Sport, Active Health & Fitness)
Tracay Mead Qualification Lead (Hospitality)


  Assessment Leads  
Lindsey Smith Assessment Lead - Health & Beauty
Sam Luce Assessment Lead - Hairdressing & Barbering


  Regional Business Development Managers
Lynda Whitehorn Business Development Manager - Hairdressing & Barbering
Cath Kidman Regional Business Development Manager
Francesca Manzi Regional Business Development Manager
Kate Rolf Regional Business Development Manager
Suzanne Sanderson Business Development Manager - Hospitality