Course Endorsement Service

At VTCT, we understand that the national qualification frameworks do not meet everyone’s needs. This is why we have developed this Course Endorsement Service, which allows you to deliver your own bespoke training whilst gaining formal recognition from one of the UK’s leading awarding organisations.


What are the benefits of endorsement?

VTCT’s Endorsement Service provides the reassurance that your training courses are fit for purpose, of high quality and meet the rigorous requirements of a national awarding organisation.


Your learners will benefit from being awarded a course certificate which will display the VTCT logo alongside your own branding. You will also be permitted to use the VTCT logo for all course delivery and marketing materials; this alone will enhance the status and value of your courses, which may subsequently improve learner recruitment and retention.


What are the criteria for endorsement?*

This service is available to further education colleges, universities, private training providers, product manufacturers and any other organisation looking to have their training endorsed by VTCT. There is no requirement to be an approved VTCT centre to take advantage of this service.


The course must not significantly duplicate existing VTCT qualifications and must align with VTCT’s current footprint


How long does a course endorsement last?

Course endorsement is valid for two years from the date of approval and is renewable thereafter.


I'm interested - what do I do next?

1)     Download the VTCT Course Endorsement Application Form.


2)     Complete all sections of the application form


3)     Email your completed application form along with the necessary support materials (these are indicated in the application form) to 
        If support materials exceed 8MB they can be posted to VTCT, Aspire House, Annealing Close, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 9PX, UK. Materials must be marked ‘Course Endorsement Application’


4)     Following receipt of your application, this will be reviewed by an appropriate Qualification Lead who will be able to discuss any course or subject specific queries that you may have


5)     Following an initial review of your application and support materials, you will be sent an invoice for the course review and 2-year licence fee, once payment has been received a full and final review will take place and the outcome will be confirmed to you in writing within 30 days.


6)     If you have any queries regarding the application process please contact customer support on +44 (0) 2380 684500



How much does a course endorsement cost?

Course review fee
A non-refundable fee for the review of course materials, in advance of an endorsement being approved. This also includes one external quality assurance visit per year


Registration and certification fees
A learner registration and certification fee covers administration costs and the issuing of learner certificates.


£31 per learner

Additional quality assurance visit (optional) fee
An optional additional external quality assurance visit can be requested if additional support or guidance is required for a fee of:


 * VTCT reserves the right to refuse course endorsement