Become a VTCT centre

Thank you for your interest in becoming a VTCT approved centre.

Before you start you will need to ensure that you meet our Approval Criteria and agree to terms of the Centre Agreement. If you feel that you will meet our requirements then you can apply by completing the Centre Approval Application and emailing it to

As part of your Centre Approval Application, you may also need to complete a Site Approval Application and/or a Functional Skills Application. All of the documents you may need are given in the table below.

Document Guidance
 Approval Criteria Check that you meet the criteria
 Centre Agreement Check that you agree to the terms of the Centre Agreement
 Centre Approval Application  Apply for approval of a centre
 Site Approval Application Apply to add an additional site to a centre
 Functional Skills Application Apply to offer Skillsfirst Functional Skills through VTCT


Looking for the Additional Sector Application? This can now be found in the Document Library, under "Forms for approved centres".

How much does it cost to be an approved centre?

Applications are charged in accordance with VTCT's published Service Fees document. The table below gives an overview of the fees for applications received on or before 31st July 2017:

Application type Approval visit fee Desktop approval fee
Centre Approval Application £500* £250
Site Approval Application £450* £250
Functional Skills Application £300 £250


*If the centre is applying to offer qualifications across many different sectors (e.g. Hairdressing and Hospitality), VTCT may need to send in multiple people to perform an approval visit. In these cases, an increased fee of £750 may have to be charged to cover the cost of sending two people.

After approval, centres will pay for learner registrations, and may also purchase resources and training from VTCT. A list of VTCT's current qualification and service fees can be found within the Document Library. Centres are also required to meet VTCT's annual minimum spend requirement as explained in the Centre Approval Application.

Desktop approval

Where a centre is able to provide evidence that they are approved by another UK awarding organisation to deliver equivalent qualifications, VTCT may not need to perform an approval visit and will confirm if an approval visit is necessary after the application and any relveant evidence are received. If a visit is not necessary VTCT will process the application through desktop approval and will invoice the desktop fee.

How long does the approval process take? 

Once you have completed and submitted your application and any relevant evidence to, VTCT will aim to respond within 5 working days to acknowledge your application and confirm the application fee.

Where your application requires an approval visit, your application will be processed within 30** working days from payment. (**This timeframe may vary depending on the centre's availability for a visit.)

Where your application does not require an approval visit (desktop approval), your application will be processed within 15 working days from payment.

If you have a query regarding the VTCT application acknowledgement e-mail you have received please contact our Quality Assurance team by e-mailing

What is involved in the approval visit? 

Where VTCT need to conduct an approval visit, we will allocate a member of our team to contact you to arrange a time and date for it to take place. The approval visit will check that you meet our requirements and that you understand what is involved in the qualification delivery. An Approval Visit Report will be completed to document our findings and recommendations. The following gives the current version of the approval visit report.

 Approval Visit Report


To make the payment for your application, please enter the name of your centre as stated on your application form, your VTCT number (if known) and the amount quoted on the VTCT application acknowledgement e-mail.

On clicking "Pay Now", you will be redirected to a secure Paypal payment portal where you will have the option to pay using your existing Paypal account or with a debit or credit card if you are not registered with Paypal. Should you have any trouble, please contact VTCT customer services on +44 (0) 23 8068 4500.

Please note: we do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Alternatively, you can pay by credit or debit card by calling +44 (0) 23 8068 4500. Please ensure you give the name of your centre as stated on your application form.